ICD 10

MU II Patient Portal training 

Web Portals

Doctor Portal

Features online patient convenience, a health information exchange, and telehealth appointments. The portal is secure and 100% cloud-based.

Patient Health Portal

The Patient Health Portal allows patients to access their critical care records online and on-demand.

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Online Patient Payment Services

  • Allows patients to easily access their statements online, through the patient portal, and manage their payments
  • Our online payment gateway makes it easier for patients to make payments, online credit card payments
  • Patients can setup an online payment plan with their physician

Patient Self-Check-In (Online or In-Person)

  • This allows user to check in for their appointment online, pay their co-pay and update personal information, all before entering the physician office.
  • In-person check-ins become more efficient, saving time for staff and, therefore, the patient


  • Utilize customized video conferencing for added patient convenience
  • Provide healthcare to a wider range of patients, particularly those with a travel burden, the elderly and patients with young children
  • Save patients time and effort by utilizing Telehealth when addressing non-urgent healthcare need

Patient Online Appointment Booking

Patients can easily log-in, check provider availability and book an appointment for themselves. This simplified process reduces incoming calls to the physician office, allowing physician staff more time to concentrate on patient care.

Product Mobility

  • Patients can get automatic SMS text confirmations/reminders on their cell phone concerning appointments and lab results¬†
  • Allows patients to confirm/check-in to an appointment using their smart phone, prior to arriving at the physician office

MDnet V6.0 is Meaningful Use-II Certified on 06/05/2014. Please Click here for more details.

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