ICD 10

MU II Patient Portal training 



The EHI application, a cloud based EHR, can adapt to your treatment methodologies and processes. This simplifies electronic documentation for you and reduces the time spent on transitioning to an EHR system.

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Point and Click template libraries for 17+ specialties


  • Internal Medicine: Template based charting, risk analysis, immunization, health maintenance, referral management, and share lab results with specialists
  • Pediatrics: Sick visits, well child visits, growth chart, EPSDT, Denver development, VFC inventory management, and immunization auto coder and tracker
  • Family Practice: Combination of adult practice features and pediatric features

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Automated Measures

  • Compare Meaningful Use compliance statistics versus CMS benchmarks
  • Track Meaningful Use requirement compliance / non-compliance in real-time
  • Track clinical quality measures

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System Configuration

In order to meet the specific needs of each client the EHI application is designed specifically for customization. We cater to your practice's specialties and make sure the proven processes of your practice are carried along with you into the EHR world.

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Health Management Maintenance Tool

  • Build your own risk analysis based on patient's gender, age, condition, race, key vitals, lab results, medications, allergies and smoking status
  • Based on your risk analysis create recall templates to interact with a patient's charts and alert you of matching plans
  • Assign health management plans to patients and track them until they're fulfilled

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  • Electronically and instantaneously fill patient prescriptions with their pharmacy
  • Quickly check medication co-pay information while prescribing medication
  • Easily check medication interactions


  • eLabs allows you to electronically create and submit lab orders to vendors across the U.S.
  • Queue patient lab result notifications through SMS texting and phone calls
  • Share lab results with referring physicians or physician communities

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MDnet V6.0 is Meaningful Use-II Certified on 06/05/2014. Please Click here for more details.

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