ICD 10

MU II Patient Portal training 

Claims and Financials


A robust billing and claims module that allows you to closely monitor and audit billing and claims processes. The EHI application provides highly transparent information on-demand to keep track of insurance claims and the practice's finances.

Financial Reporting

  • Net A/R report by insurance/patient
  • Outstanding/Un-applied claims
  • Transaction detail/summary report

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ERA Management Tool

  • Lower claim posting times with this comprehensive tool
  • Receive real-time check information and manage their claim details
  • Track and resolve denials

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Clearing House

  • Our system automatically batches and queues payment claims daily
  • Receive real-time, primary claim updates from the payer
  • Receive claim status notifications in real-time

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Billers Work Queues

  • Create customized work-queues for multiple billers
  • Manage your charge entry queue
  • Electronically use physician notes to fill in claim information

Claims Tracking

  • Track primary and secondary insurance claims in real-time
  • Easily manage rejected insurance claims and re-submit them
  • Manage paper and treasury claims

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Collection Agency

  • Move non-collectable receivables to our collection agency module and track collection activity
  • Assign claims to a third-party collection agency and track collection progress

MDnet V6.0 is Meaningful Use-II Certified on 06/05/2014. Please Click here for more details.

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