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MU II Patient Portal training 



Transitioning to EHR can be a difficult process if you are forced to do it alone.  This is why EHi offers as much, or as little, support as you need through this transition. We offer you our Process Based RCM Services because we know your business. As a EHR company we are your clearing house, product company, and support staff.

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Fully Managed RCM Services

Transitioning to an EHR can be a difficulty process if you are forced to do it alone. We offer fully managed, end-to-end RCM services which include:

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Process Based RCM Services

EHi is always thinking outside the box. We understand that some practices, particularly large practices, will require all of our RCM services for an extended period of time. Other practices will only require a select few RCM services and for a shorter duration. As always, EHi is open to the customization of services as required by the practice.

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MDnet V6.0 is Meaningful Use-II Certified on 06/05/2014. Please Click here for more details.

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