ICD 10

MU II Patient Portal training 

Enhanced Offerings


  • Utilizes customized video conferencing for patient convenience
  • Provide healthcare to a wider range of patients, particularly those with a travel burden, the elderly and patients with young children
  • Save patients time and effort by utilizing Telehealth when addressing non-urgent healthcare needs

Online Patient Payment Services

  • Allows patients to easily access their statements online, through a patient portal, and manage their payments
  • Our online payment gateway allows patients to pay their balance with a credit card
  • Create payment plans for patients online

Real-Time Eligibility

  • Check patient's insurance eligibility in real-time or in advance, prior to providing services
  • Update patient records with real-time financial information, based on insurance eligibility
  • Easily look up patient's co-pay deductibles and service level restrictions

EHI Reach

  • Pick-up schedule
  • Customize and schedule robo calls or texts to patients (i.e. reminders 24 hours in advance)
  • Automate patient appointment confirmations and physician calender updates

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MDnet V6.0 is Meaningful Use-II Certified on 06/05/2014. Please Click here for more details.

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