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Peter Silas - Founder and CEO

Peter has founded Systems Integration and Technology Reselling business and built them to profitable commercial entities. Over the past 4 years, under the capable leadership of Peter, Enable Healthcare team has developed several applications in business process automation, healthcare clinical documentation and process efficiency areas. In 2006 Peter and team decided to develop an EHR system with the goal of offering Electronic Health Record solution and services in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) to independent physicians and small practices. His vision combined with consistent effort and persistence of EHI team resulted in EHI’s EHR being delivered successfully as a service.

Anthony Subbiah - Sr. Director - Sales

Anthony has been in Systems Integration business since 1993 and has been engaged in sales and business development roles in multiple organizations. A senior officer of UCA group of companies involved in Systems Integration and Professional Services business, Anthony was instrumental in growing UCA’s business over a period of 10+ years to achieve profitable revenues of $140+ million. Ultimately, leveraging market conditions to divest selected business units realizing optimal value for shareholders. Anthony is able to draw upon established relationships in technology and health care verticals to identify, develop and promote strategic and channel partnerships enhancing EHI brand and growing its visibility. Anthony is an alumnus of St. Mary’s, Halifax, where he earned his MBA. He has completed his Bachelor in Engineering from PSG Tech, India.

Hareeshwar Prasad - Managing Director, India

Hareeshwar Prasad is responsible for formulating and successfully implementing company policy, developing strategic operating plans that reflect the long-term objectives and priorities established by the board, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the chairman of the EHI board, putting in place adequate operational planning and financial control systems, maintaining the operational performance of the company, monitoring the actions of the functional board of directors, assuming full accountability to the board for all company operations, representing the company to major customers and professional associations, building and maintaining an effective executive team. His extensive years of experience in the areas of strategy and sales in the USA allows him to effectively translate the requirements of the US market into the Indian operation which leads to efficiencies throughout the global operation. Hareeshwar Prasad works out of our Indian Headquarters at Chennai. He has an MBA (International Business) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and has had extensive management experience in technology and BPO organizations from 2000-2007 in the USA.

Dr. Venkat Bala - Business Development Executive and Advisor

An Internist by profession, Dr. Venkat Bala has been a medical Practitioner and seasoned business executive for over 25 years in Healthcare Management, Administration and Human Resources. Over the years, Dr. Bala has worked in various capacities in the healthcare industry. Starting his career as a Practicing Physician, Dr. Bala soon moved to healthcare management, working in various senior positions including Medical Director and Healthcare Consultant for healthcare groups in Middle East for over 15 years. Sound knowledge in healthcare and management combined with in-depth analytical skills has rendered him an excellent administrator in all his healthcare management positions. Dr. Bala graduated with Master’s in Healthcare Management from University of Wales, UK

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